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May 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
remembered. (browning) "within the last 100 yeaas, 73 million people have given their ives that we can have freedom, freeddm of speech, freedom oo reliiion, freedom to have a &pparade."(rydell) westminster, john rydell, fox 45 news at five." lacrosse history is made today. the poyola men's team won its first nattonal championship defeating maryland. p3 sports director... bruce cunningham.. says... the greyhounds... did it... in &pconvincing fashion.... fassion....they have been fielding thletic teams at loyola for the better part of a century, and there have been many big victories...but they have never experienced anything like this... loyola head coach charley toomey nd marylann head coach the game....4th quarter...r greyhounds up 4...eric lusby fires in his 3rd goal of the game...tying the ncaa record with 16 goals...hounds up 5.... an empty net goal...setting the ncaaarecord with 17 in the tourney....oyooa wins its first-ever lacrosse championship...9-3 over maryland...greyhounds finish we'll have much more on loyola's historic pin...coming p in sports unlimited, later in th
May 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. at the very least, warren brown waatssparsons ail lowered considering what unfolddd thiss week. this is the ideo that landed parsons behind bars. it shows a baltimore toursist the beating happened over e. saint patricks day weekend. out of the 22 charges iled against 4 suspects... more than hall have been ddopped. bail. parsons' ttooney expectt.... his client will be judge will reconsider the high bail. 13:31:422at that time we sussect the 5-hundred thousand dollar bail will be reduced. i don't think the state will e in a posstion to legitimately argue thattit remain the same themselves have reduced many of the charres against aaron and the otter individuals :57
May 25, 2012 5:00pm EDT
apprehension task force arrestedd26-year old david brown at the enoch pratt libraryyin downtown baltimore. brown usee craigslist to lure northwest baltimore....and then robbed them at gunpoint. 22:43:13"members of he warrant apprrhension task force found him oday in a downnown library using a computer we suspect he may be using to find hii next victim" victim" policc are deteemiieeif brown isslinked to other robberies. if you on't want oneof thoss new smartmeters installed in yourhome...youucan now call b.g.e... and "opt-out" least temporarily. that ruling comes from maryland's public service commission...after hearinnfrom complaints from a few customerss some are worried &pabout the radio ffequency emitted from the new meterss but b.g.e. officials...say ttere's virtually no danggr. and they sayythe smart meters....will not result in an invasion of privacy. (gould) "we will know the aggregate usage of your home, no different than we have today, but we're not going to know whee the lights are on, we're not going to know when you flii the garage door up or doon, we're not goi
May 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
... and brown eyes,... anyone.. with information .. palllpolice. 3some harford county parrnts are on alert... after a disturbbng incident involving an ce cream truck. happened last thursday evening during youth baseball ame at reckord road park n fallston. police say two white men ii an iie cream truck pulled into the parking lot near the playground where three 8- year-old ggrls wereeplaying. the passenger shouteddtt the girls to come get ome free ice cream. one of the girls started to walk over - but her ffiends stopped her. the children then ran away and the 207 i'm happy her friends did pull her aaay but as a parent you really do need to make sure you keep an eye on your how young they are 16 w old or harford county authorities are pheyyre asking anyone with firsthand information to give them a call. a... 2-year-old marine... from edgewater killee in fghanistan. .../ myranda.. stephens... is here...// with... how thee parents... of... sgt... julian chasee../ reeembered. while the rest of us were honoring ourrnation's veterans this past memorial day... tom and pamela
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4